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Feel radiantly regal with this unique Pandora ring, wear with your favorite outfit and accessorise in shades of heather. Buy today for the perfect gift to make her smile from ear to ear!This piece of jewellery is made from Silver, a white semi precious metal, with Gold. Silver and Gold are very malleable metals and allow for the creation of many different shapes, because of this they have become very popular for use in jewellery. Many patterns and finishes are used to decorate the surface of these metals, a high polish finish, for example, is very easy to clean with a microfiber polishing cloth. Other finishes can be harder to clean, a matte surface can be cleaned by gently brushing the surface with a rubber. If done gently this will not damage the delicate surface pattern of the metal.We advise to never spray perfume near your jewellery as it will affect the surface colour of the metal. Chemicals such as chlorine (found in swimming pools) will also damage the finish of the metal. We advise against contact with chemical products. As soft metals Gold and Silver will naturally wear and scratch, the finish of your jewellery will even out after a few weeks of wear and tear. Excessive cleaning may damage the finish of Silver and Gold products. All of the pearls used in our jewellery are cultured, unless otherwise stated within the products description.With its beautiful crown of Gold mounted Amethyst, this ring will sit proudly on your finger.Material: Silver and Amethyst ring with 14k gold. Pandora Charms Clearance | Pandora Charms Deals | Pandora Jewelry Outlet

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